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If your application is released under the GNU GPL license you can use OpenBaseMovil freely with no limitations other than imposed by the GNU GPL license.

Commercial Licenses

If your applications is not to be released under the GNU GPL license, you can use one of these commercial licenses:

License Description Price (excluding VAT)
Single License You can develop a SINGLE application, and sell any number of copies. This includes design variations, customizations and ports to specific devices.
With this license you also get:

  • 2 months of support via email, response time up to one working week.
  • All the released updates in the same major version.
  • Priority in feature requests.
1,000.00 €
Enterprise License Valid for any number of applications and any number of developers.
With this license you also get:

  • 6 months of priority support via email (response time up to two working days) and phone (currently 9:00 to 17:00 GMT+1).
  • All the released updates for twelve months after the purchase date, including new major versions.
  • Up to one man-week of feature requests are implemented for free within specified time-frames.
  • IP Indemnification – licensees are indemnified of any IP claims related to OpenBaseMovil
  • Highest priority in feature requests.
15,000.00 €
BaseMovil Developer Program We are now accepting individuals and organizations who wish to create enterprise-class applications that can be integrated with back-end systems like ERP or CRM, using a Software as a Service approach, in the limited beta of the BaseMovil Developer Program.Elondra, the company behind OpenBaseMovil and the commercial platform BaseMovil, sells enterprise applications in the Spanish market using this approach, and we look forward for others around the World (including Spain) to use the tools and infrastructure that we have developed.You don’t need any hardware or any kind of investment other than your work and effort, as we host the servers that manage the server side of the synchronization engine and web administration tools.You can use not just the OpenBaseMovil libraries, but also the closed-source sync engine library, hosting your application in our servers.Our service takes care of:

  • Over the air (OTA) distribution of applications via SMS push or pull
  • Database hosting, maintenance and backup.
  • Billing

Our servers act as communication bridge between the cellular phones (thanks to the sync engine) and any kind of back-end system (with a simple API for file interchange), so you can send back and forth information between any back-end system and cellular phones running a BaseMovil powered application.

The sync engine is able to create, populate and update both the structure and data of the database.

And this is for FREE for developers.

With our SaaS model, your customers will pay a setup fee and then monthly fees for each declared device, we bill them and then wire transfer you your earnings. You put the price for your applications, over a minimum defined by Elondra, and you get 60% of that amount (both from the setup fee and the monthly fees).

Elondra is partnering with different manufacturers and integrators to create connectors for the main ERP and CRM systems in the market and, of course, you will also be able to benefit selling those connectors to your customers.

We are building a vibrant collaboration network that can boost your performance and earnings. Join us!
With the on-line tools you will be able to:

  • Create and modify your databases
  • Upload applications and resources to be served
  • Check your customers performance and billing
  • Check your own bill, that you will have to invoice to us in order to receive your payment.

Please, read carefully the OpenBaseMovil Commercial License.

If you have a question regarding the licensing of OpenBaseMovil or BaseMovil, drop an email to info(at)elondra(dot)com.

Why do you need a commercial license?

J2ME applications are constituted as a whole, so any library you use gets linked to the application during the build process. The GNU GPL license requires you to publish your source code completely and only under the GNU GPL license again. Buying a commercial license you can create applications that are not bound by the GPL, and thus you can use the libraries for commercial applications without restrictions

What is a “Single Application”?

If you want to use OpenBaseMovil for several single applications, you can buy an Enterprise License or a Single License for each of them.

A “Single Application” is one that would be perceived by the final user as the same.

You can create, for example, multiple application files for different devices, customize the application with different designs, create new versions with added functionality, small changes in navigation.

Once the main objective or core feature changes, the application can not be considered the same, and you would need to purchase a new license for it.

If you have doubts about the licensing model, please write to info(at)elondra(dot)com.

Support Options

    Option Description Pricing (excluding VAT)
    Basic Support Answering of one daily question about OpenBaseMovil design or implementation questions via email or telephone within the first 2 months after obtaining a commercial license of OpenBaseMovil. Answers are given within a working week. free with a Single License for two months.6 months of additional support for 800.00 € per month
    Advanced Support The same as Basic Support but with a response time of up to two working days, plus implementation of features and components that can accumulate up to four working weeks/160 working hours within the support period of six months. Bugfixes are provided as soon as possible. 1,500.00 € per month.
    With Enterprise License the first six months are free and you have the option to continue this support package for 1,000.00 € per month.
    Training A full day of training for developers that use OpenBaseMovil or BaseMovil. Further details are available upon request. 1,000.00 € per day plus travel and accommodation expenses.

    Security of Investments

    Should Elondra decide to discontinue the OpenBaseMovil or BaseMovil software, Elondra will license the full product under the GNU Lesser General Public License or under an Apache License, so you will be able to use the libraries without limitations even for closed source and/or commercial products.


    Write us to sales(at)elondra(dot)com and we will send you all the needed information and forms depending on the license you want to buy or use.