Welcome at » OpenMidsets

Hi all,

We’ve just started to use the project wiki (provided by SourceForge). We plan to put there useful information about the platform, but mainly as a vehicle for collaborative definition of objectives and specifications.

The first thing we are defining and discussing is the specification for the OpenMidsets platform. The idea behind it is to create a first well defined draft that will guide the development of the host application itself, but more over the foundations for the programming model for the hosted applications.

We are defining the life cycle of an OpenMidset, the intercommunication protocol to allow applications to collaborate between them and to access system resources in a uniform way that can be really portable to platforms other than J2ME (like Android).

It has very little information yet, bet we expect to put more over the next weeks and we’d like you to share your ideas with us to make it a better platform for powerful mobile applications.

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