Welcome at » OpenBaseMovil-db

We’re working to release as soon as possible the J2ME database engine, OpenBaseMovil-db, along with the required dependencies.

In the mean time, we have written a short developer guide that will let you take a deeper look at the database.

It also contains the specification of the proposed SQL engine that will sit on top of the current API-based one, as requested by some of you by email. This SQL engine is to be written, but for most applications I believe it is not really necessary.

We are very happy of the echo and the comments that we are receiving from the community, we hope that you find our framework really useful.

Stay tunned, the database engine will be released soon, and a little afterwards the first complete release with the ui engine.

Here is the OpenBaseMovil-db Developer Guide in PDF format.

Update: The document has been updated with some minor changes in the SQL format and some examples.

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