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We were thinking about which application seamed the best choice for creating the Quick Start Guide and the sample application.

It should be not too big, but useful, and make use of a good deal of the platform.

It should also be helpful to compare the effort needed to create an application from scratch and using our framework.

So we finally choose PasswordKeeper, a KeePass like application that has J2ME version at source forge (KeePass for J2ME).

Here are a few quick facts about the size of the project, that I think that speak aloud:

UPDATE: the table above represents some statistics about the SOURCE code of both applications, not the final .jar size of the application itself. We are trying to picture the development effort.

PasswordKeeper KeePass for J2ME
Number of files 20 (5 java, 1 XML for the views, the rest resources) 71
Size in Kb (approx) 94 (includes images) 237
Lines of code 2326 (807) 6835

The number of 807 between parenthesis is the approximate number of lines of code that are actually part of the application and not of the template, so the ones that you really create.

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