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OpenBaseMovil is a free, GPL licensed, application framework for fast and seamless development of J2ME mobile applications.

If features:

  • a powerful database engine, which can hold hundreds of thousands of data in multi megabyte databases.
  • a scripting engine, so you can easily extend and create applications, and in the near future run them on any other mobile platform such as Android or Windows Mobile.
  • a declarative view definition language, with a simple xml file you can generate all of your views, and they are script and data aware: you can browse a set of results with less than ten lines of code.
  • and much more, like task control, files over RecordSets with random access capabilities, floating point support, internationalization, …

OpenBaseMovil is a large subset of the BaseMovil framework from Elondra. Developers who want to build commercial applications can benefit from extended resources like full-duplex database synchronization, application hosting and deployment, and more for FREE joining our ISV program.

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