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Echoes from the Openbravo World Conference 2009

It was in fact a great event, where we met lots of people from all over the world. We had very interesting conversations with Openbravo ERP partners like Kenzo & Associates, SEN, Gepelia, Open Sistemas, and a lot more, now turning into successful relationships for distribution and reselling of OpenBaseMovil and BaseMovil solutions.

We also had the opportunity of presenting the new Openbravo module for the 2.50 version that integrates BaseMovil bmSales with the ERP. This allows a fast start, plug & play mobile solution to be used with Openbravo. We called it “mobility out of the box”, and we really meant it.

We now have the recording for this session, a community slot where we presented the solution and module. And we did it in less than the 10 minutes that we had to spare!

If you didn’t attend the event or you had to leave early, here’s the session’s video:

ZD YouTube FLV Player

You can also take a look at the slides on SlideShare and download the PDF.

We hope you find it interesting.

Please, leave your comments and thoughts.

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