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Opening doors with Open source alliances

We recently took part and even became Gold sponsors and the Openbravo World Conference in Barcelona. Having developed a mobility module for Openbravo´s 2.5 version ERP it made a lot of sense to present the module, what mobility can mean Openbravo Partners and their clients. What took us by surprise was the openness (the Irony, I know) that the development community and their Partners showed towards us. We shared the common goal of pushing Opensource software not just as a developing future but as an overall business objective. Yes, there was that overall challenge of having companies not confuse opensource as “FREE”, and that idea of “well if I spend hours working on a vertical application, why do YOU get to profit from it”… sort of thing. (Questions which the new Openbravo forge does somewhat answer by the way)

But the community atmosphere was all there, people from Sevilla to Saudi Arabia, sharing a common goal to be innovative and cooperative. Well known Open source companies like Ubuntu and Alfresco made their visit and presented, some awkward visits from Sun Microsystems (a day before the Oracle buy) as well as some odd snooping from a few SAP executives. It was all good fun and everyone shared business cards, coffee and tiny croissants, we did no detect any “those guys and us guys” type scenes at all.

About the module: The new module, hosted in the new Openbravo forge, uses the ERP’s Data Access Layer (DAL) to retrieve data (customers, products, prices, etc.) and sends it to Elondra’s communication middleware bmServer with our public web service API. bmServer distributes the data among the mobile devices and receives orders from them. These orders are then retrieved by the integration module and inserted right back into the ERP.

This asynchronous, decoupled process guarantees that the data is always received in a timely and secure way. Transparent for both parties, it also releases the end customer from having any kind of infrastructure. Providing an easy and fast start into mobility with little investment for the customer and recurring revenues for the partner.

Openbravo and Elondra have been collaborating to create this integration module to benefit all customers, SME and big account, and to capitalize on the web-based features of Openbravo ERP.

If you get a chance to check out the Openbravo community and meet some of their developers, please do so, they are truly a good bunch.

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