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Elondra introduces bmSales for BlackBerry Bold

bmSales in blackberryWhat do you get when you combine the agility and sophistication of the BlackBerry phone and email, with an integrated ordering and Sales application?
A Small company sales weapon.
Think of all the Small-Medium companies around, with sales people in the field that do push sale, but don’t necessarily need push mail. Forget the fact that BlackBerry has the reputation of a white collar executive´s phone, for one minute forget the slumping economy, the declining sales and the fact that most companies are not waiting by their desk for customers to call, they are out there meeting them, visiting them and taking their orders at their shops.
How many gallons of milk you need this week? Loafs of bread? Flour? Barrels of beers? Boxes? Pounds of cheese? When do you need the next delivery of office paper? Pens? Cement? ….
These companies, distributors, resellers are the real forgotten ones. Sure, they may have a mobile phone to recieve and place calls, but neither blackberry nor email is a necessity for them in the field. Pen and paper and a clipboard is still their best tool, the overpriced PDA solution in some cases, the humongous industrial terminal in the worst case. And the time and money they spend driving back and forth to the office, in mistakes, in duplication.
Well, Elondra has integrated their mobile technology BaseMovil into the BlackBerry bold, allowing everyone to be able to make orders on the field, with offline access to clients, products, prices, expenses, GPS, invoicing, history….everything you need to be an efficient on-the-field-sales representative.
By Elondra being a BlackBerry alliance partner, the sales application integrates easily with the other BlackBerry applications. So by accessing your ERP client list, you can easily give them a call, email them or find them on the GPS.
And with the Sales Director online tool, you can check what your sales reps are invoicing, in number of orders; revenue amounts and you can even check their geo-location and see where your sales people actually are.
And if you think it’s expensive, here is the best part: it integrates onto most of the ERP´s out there in a matter of hours, not “project days”. Its SaaS model (software as a Service) of no license and zero-to-no initial investment ensures small medium companies can afford to have accuracy and agility in their sales force and now in BlackBerry too.
You don´t believe me, contact us for a demo.

And now, after the commercial comes the good news for developers: we have developed the specific BlackBerry components integrated into the upcoming version of OpenBaseMovil.

This will lead to many changes on the ui engine, for the better of course, and will mean that your applications will run both on standard JavaME phones and on BlackBerry with a single codebase.

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