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We are very excited with the upcomming version of OpenBaseMovil and the also upcomming BaseMovil development service.

Several changes are being made on OpenBaseMovil with one specific goal in mind: multi-platform application generation.

This really means a lot of changes, and we’ve been thinking about wheter to keep or not backward compatibility. We’ve finally decided to break this compatibility for the sake of creating a better platform and being really able to achieve our goals.

We are cleaning up all the references to MIDP classes from the main libraries, improving a lot the MVC model, and adjusting the XML view definition language to better fit those changes.

With this new approach, the application code is free from platform specific code, and it is linked at build time the appropriate libraries that actually provide platform specific code.

We will initially provide JavaME MIDP standard libraries as well as BlackBerry specific libraries, but then Android will be added (the time frame for Android depends on market demand and resources, if you’re willing to collaborate please contact us).

Writing applications will be a lot easier, since we will also provide automatic code generation for things that you have to code manually now (wiring code).

Also a couple of changes will be made to the database, but they will be backwards compatible, improving speed and also a wider range of supported devices with a new storage library.

We are also working to bring on-line a beta version of the BaseMovil developer site. It will allow you to create and manage a database hosted at the server, syncrhonize that database with the mobile phones and also (optional) with any backend service such as an ERP. The service also provides application OTA provisioning.

We expect to start rolling out the beta versions of both on 2009 Q1.

If you have suggestions about improvements or new functionalities that you’ll like in OpenBaseMovil 4, please leave them here, we will be really pleased.

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