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You might know from the site comments or the SourceForge bug tracker, that the current ui library has some issues with Nokia S40 3rd edition phones since this models use 3 commands instead of the normal 2.

We were planning some major changes in the user interface library, and we are now finishing the first part of it that addresses this issue.

The new ui library will use the concepts of Desktop, Window and Decorator, managing the screen in full screen mode and handling all the painting.

The Desktop is like the LCDUI Display class, it handles the painting of the window title and the commands.

All the classes that were previously Canvas subclasses such as the dialogs, menus and data lists are now Windows that get painted in the Desktop.

The desktop is divided in four regions: title, content, first command and second command. The commands are optional, you can have none, one, two or more.

Each region has an assigned Decorator, which is responsible of drawing the background and managing the overall aspect of the region.

The library will provide a default decorator that simply paints the background with a solid color, and also an experimental one that will draw an image as the background using any mode ( mosaic or stretch).

Thanks to the way the views are defined (with XML), you don’t need to change anything in your application (if you use the default decorator) just compile it against the new ui library.

We will publish soon a beta version of the library and post it here for download.

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